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We started Giftwell to solve the classic problem of gift-giving... What to give? What will they like? What’s new, fun, interesting and thoughtful? How much should I spend? (We've written more about this in The Art of Gifting.)

We also love to collect nice things (who doesn't?). Artwork, books, objects, trinkets. We’re always on the lookout for gift-worthy goods, which can be found throughout our Gift Guides and you can explore them all in the Gift Finder.


Beth's Posts »

Working in the fast-paced world of fashion for over 10 years, Beth has a great eye for trends and timeless classics.

In her spare time Beth loves wild-swimming, visiting stationary shops and running her braille greetings card business, which sells custom cards with personal messages translated and stamped in braille with her trusty Perkins braille typewriter.

Recommended gift for anyone: Kaweco pens

Best gift shop: Choosing Keeping, London

Favourite market: Crafty Fox



Paul's Posts »

As a graphic designer obsessed with aesthetics and functionality, Paul is quite picky when it comes to gifts!.. but he really appreciates anything that is thoughtful, well-made and long-lasting.

Recommended gift: Yeti Insulated Mug

Current fav brand: Kinto

Favourite font: Mabry