Yoto : The Best Kids Gift 2023

by Paul, Beth | Updated: February 16, 2024
Yoto : The Best Kids Gift 2023

Finding the perfect gift for kids can be a challenging task. However, Yoto has emerged as the top choice for parents and gift-givers alike, offering a unique and enriching entertainment experience for children.

The parents in our office have been gleefully raving about Yoto all year, delighted by the positive impact it has had on their children’s habits, education and sleep quality.

Let’s delve into why Yoto is the best gift for kids this year.

Yoto: Safe, Screen-Free, Multi-Sensory Experience

At the heart of the Yoto experience is the screen-free Bluetooth audio player. Yoto has revolutionized the way children engage with audio content, providing a safe and interactive platform that fosters creativity and learning. With its big buttons and intuitive design, kids can navigate through a world of stories, music, and educational content independently, building healthy habits and sparking their imagination.

Better Bedtimes

The Yoto is packed with features to make bed time easier for kids and parents. In-built ambient night-light, sleep sounds, white noise and alarm, all controlled and customised by you.

Make it your own

Using the Yoto app, kids can become the main character of their own stories. Record and build audio, edit and play back again and again. Encourage their creativity and create memories.

Endless entertainment

The extensive Yoto catalogue offers ad-free content for all ages. See our top picks at the end of this article.

Yoto Player (3rd Gen) + Make Your Own Card

The flagship model of the Yoto Player, now in its 3rd generation. A revolution in kids entertainment, education and wellbeing, and a safe introduction to technology.

Yoto : The Best Kids Gift 2023

Also check out the Yoto bundles:

Yoto Player (3rd Gen) + Disney Classics Bundle »

Yoto Player (3rd Gen) + Sleepy Songs Bundle »

Yoto Mini: Portable Play

Yoto Mini offers the same features as the original, but in a portable size. This mini version retains all the magic of the original Yoto Player but in a size that perfectly fits into small hands.

Yoto Mini – Screen-Free Bluetooth Audio Player

A portable version of the amazing kids bluetooth entertainment system. Keep the little ones entertained on long trips and journeys.

Yoto : The Best Kids Gift 2023

Yoto Accessories: Big Comfy Headphones

To further elevate the Yoto experience, the Kids Wireless Headphones offer comfort and style, ensuring that children can immerse themselves in content without any distractions. These headphones are designed with the unique needs of young listeners in mind, providing a secure fit and superior sound quality for hours of uninterrupted enjoyment.

Yoto Kids Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphone that is universally compatible with Bluetooth devices. Designed for kids comfort, with an adjustable and foldable headband and soft materials.

Yoto : The Best Kids Gift 2023

Yoto Mini Travel Case

Handy case so kids can listen on the go, while their Yoto Mini stays safe and sound.

Yoto : The Best Kids Gift 2023

Content: Disney, Peppa Pig, Roald Dahl

Yoto’s extensive content library is a key factor that sets it apart. Choose from hundreds of titles, from enchanting princess stories to thrilling adventures, Yoto offers a diverse range of content that caters to every child’s preferences.

Our top picks would be the Peppa Pig (3-5yrs), Disney Classics (4-9yrs) and Roald Dahl (5-11yrs) collections. Brining beloved characters and timeless tales to life in a captivating audio format.

Yoto Peppa Pig Bundle

Bundle of Peppa Pig story collections. The stories in this collection include Babysitting, Bubbles, and Foggy Day.

Yoto : The Best Kids Gift 2023

Yoto Disney Classics Collection: Volume 1

These dazzling retellings of Disney classics. Includes Frozen, 101 Dalmatians, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, Dumbo and Sleeping Beauty.

Yoto : The Best Kids Gift 2023

Yoto The Phizz-Whizzing Collection

Six of Dahl's most acclaimed and beloved tales bundled together. This card pack includes The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and George's Marvellous Medicine.

Yoto : The Best Kids Gift 2023

Yoto combines innovation, education, and entertainment to create a gift that stands out in the digital age. With its screen-free approach, high-quality accessories, and a vast library of captivating content, Yoto is one of the best gifts for kids this year, offering an experience that nurtures young minds and brings joy to every child’s heart.

Yoto : The Best Kids Gift 2023
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